Let Pet Insurance Relief You From High Vet Bills

Pet owner with her labrador dogThe rising cost of health care is not only an important issue when talking about the care of people, but the care of pets too. Pet health care costs are skyrocketing; over fifty billion dollars were spent on pet products this past year, and health companies know this. They have used this statistic to develop better and better pet treatments because they know that people will pay it. Pet medicine, surgeries, and emergency care help to increase the life of a pet, however, the cost is high when the pet isn’t covered by insurance.

Help Protect Your Pet and Your Wallet

Much like human health care, your pet’s insurance will depend on how healthy your pet is. All pet owners will want to make sure that emergency treatment is covered. Emergency services tend to be the most expensive ways to treat an animal and can lead to other expensive procedures such as surgeries and diagnostic testing.

Prescription drugs are the typically overlooked on most plans yet are crucially important. Prescription drugs are covered on most plans that are available for purchase online. In most cases, prescription drugs are relied upon for home treatment and to help prevent further illness or aggravations. These medicines, much like people medicine, can greatly range in price but could be priced higher that one hundred dollars.

Choosing an Insrance Company and Plan

Choosing the type of plan that will suit your needs online may be easier than you think. There are three major carriers of pet insurance and quotes can be generated for free quickly.

Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws logoHealthy Paws offers coverage for both dogs and cats. All plans feature unlimited use and quick reimbursement times for claims. The plans cover emergency treatment such as hospitalization, diagnostic testing, surgeries, and prescription drugs. Quotes are available through their website.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance logoEmbrace Pet Insurance covers many different specific treatments your pet may need throughout their lifetimes, including cancer treatment and other specialist care. Embrace also works with a wellness point system so that it can be used for annual check-ups and vaccines, keeping your pet well before he gets sick.


Trupanion logoTrupanion offers discounts of up to 90% on veterinary costs throughout your pet’s lifetime with unlimited usage. Plans include accident coverage, medication, surgeries, and hospitable stays. The plans allow you to use any vet that you wish and extra coverage is available online.

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